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Adrian News 1-30-13

February 5, 2013

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Don’t forget to go to Wilmont for their big steak fry/grill on Sunday, February 10th starting at 5:00 p.m. This is a benefit for the Wilmont Recreation Center. The Rock/Nobles Cattlemen will do the grilling and they do a great job!

On Saturday, February 9th the Hills Christian School will be a benefit for baby Kaden VandenBerg, son of Susan and John. Kaden was born with many medical obstacles to overcome. Friends and families and neighbors have planned a benefit for the VandenBerg family. My suggestion is to send a check to the American Reformed Church in Luverne on Highway 75 Luverne, MN 56156. Stipulate on the check that it is for the VandenBerg family.

Not much news this week so the next article is a true story that happened in 1950 or 1951! I can’t remember! It happened on the Ed Cox farm now owned by Kay and Alan Cox. I was a young bride in 1950 and had threshers to feed for several days. They got morning lunch, noon dinner, afternoon lunch and supper! All the teams with empty hay wagons were tied to fences - trees or steel posts. The men were just about done with supper when the dreaded call came loud and clear “Run-Away” “Run-Away”. Everyone jumped up, but Gilbert Metz was the fastest man in the whole area! He flew down the steps - ran across the lawn - jumped over a 5’yard fence and raced down our long driveway and caught up with the two horses and the empty hay rack! The rest of the men and myself stood in the lawn and watched him! Gilbert probably averted an accident on Highway #91 or at least a broken hay rack or injured horses! I know Gilbert and Vonnie will enjoy this story. They are both residents of the Veterans Home in Luverne. Hi Gil and Vonnie from your old neighbor Kay Cox!

Thanks to the many hands who help me, and others, at the basketball games! We all appreciate it. At one of our last games, our great band played and they are awesome!

Pinochle scores for Thursday, January 24th. 1st - “Cannon” Muller and Mike Schettler - 2nd - Connie Lais and Marilyn Bergman - 3rd - Bev Metz and Sue Egan. Those gals are really showing their “vim and vigor”!

In last week’s Daily Globe it was nice to read about our Colleen Bents who is the Historic Dayton House manager! The Dayton House received a 106-year-old Bible! It belonged to Caroline Ward Dayton and her name was inside the cover with the date 1907! A man from Hastings purchased the Bible for $2.25 from the Good Will store in Maple Grove last fall. The gentleman did some research on Google and learned about the Dayton Family and learned that Mr. Dayton had built a large home in Worthington known now as the Historic Dayton House. Caroline was on of six children and it is apparent that Caroline read it frequently as many passages were underlined and written notes found in the margins! I hope my readers will find this bit of history as charming as I did and will stop in the Dayton House to see the Bible.

Now it is Sunday afternoon and what a Sunday it was! Because of the treacherous condition of the icy roads, sidewalks, steps and highways, many people elected to stay home from church. The phones were busy and those who went out were busy helping their neighbors, strangers, etc. I decided against church after a call to Celine and so both turned on Bishop Swain from the St. Joseph Cathedral in Sioux Falls. His homily was so good and part of it was that we as christians should “seize the moment to help someone.” He emphasized the line “seize the moment.” I was listening to him at the same time as watching neighbors Etta trying to get up our driveway on the ice! She finally parked the van, got out (carefully) and sprinkled about 10 lbs of ice pellets on the driveway. As she sat there, our good neighbors Jerry and Rose Henning came by and Jerry “seized the moment” got out and told Etta he would take Rose to church and come back! By this time the pellets worked and Etta was in her garage. They gave each other a thumbs up! Then at the Catholic Church, Ben and someone else “seized the moment” and got the salt out and covered the walks and steps as the custodian was late due to the ice! Then at the Methodist Church the word was passed out about the ice and so the men made a human chain and got everyone to their cars! They “seized the moment”! So that bit of sermon should remain with us forever. If you see someone who needs help or needs prayer - - don’t wait -- “seize the moment”.

Saturday evening, January 26th Adrian Basketball boys played against Southwest Minnesota Christian and were badly beaten. No, they didn’t hang their heads or get discouraged, they played as hard as they could and got lots of cheers from a pretty good crowd. We are proud of our Dragons!

At Lois Poppen’s funeral I was so glad to visit with Ardy and Loren (“Murph”) Murphy who drove down from Fairbault to attend the funeral. “Murph” and Ardy are former Adrianites and so involved with his new hobby Bluebirds! I have written about “Murph” before in this column and will do so now! Ardy sent me the Bluebird News, a publication put out by the Bluebird Recovery Program Audubon Chapter in Minneapolis. There are seven pages of information all about keeping the bluebirds alive in Minnesota. “Murph” is so dedicated to helping keep the bluebirds coming back that he was shocked and delighted to receive the first Hall of Fame Award for 1000 or more pledged bluebirds this year. Congratulations “Murph”! Ardy states in her note to me that she started a Tour of Tables for the Hospice in Fairbault! She always came down as a guest of her sister Jane (Dave) Heitkamp when Jane hosted a table for Luverne Hospice Cottage. These two, “Murph” and Ardy keep themselves busy doing wonderful works of charity. If any of my readers would like to read the Bluebird News, just call me at 483-2718.

May God bless everyone who must be out in these icy streets and roads!

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