Jottings by Jerry 06-03-20

Ninety degrees and we are over two weeks from summer. The fields are green and most things look good. The need of a good rain will soon be evident with these temperatures. My garden has some possibilities of providing a few meals for the starving. I do have one lonely cucumber plant that needs planting yet. I will find room but may need a shoe horn to get it in.

Minnesota is the lightening rod for civil equality and rights for minorities. Minneapolis touched off rioting across the country from New York to California. There have been a few signs, locally, that have appeared over the weekend.

Minnesota ranks number five as the worst state in racial disparity for black Americans. Number one is Wisconsin, two is Iowa, three is South Dakota, four is Connecticut and five is Minnesota. The Midwest doesn’t do well in the discrimination area. The rankings rate, income gap, education gap. Home ownership and black Americans incarceration rate per 100,000. The long nights of protests and destruction have consumed enormous resources without end. We all need to assess the cause and actions to better serve everyone. Sounds easy, but the road will be long and we need to start today.

The local stores are open mostly with some restrictions. All of the businesses have suffered heavy losses in income leaving little to continue the daily grind thru the pandemic. Support your local businesses along with your favorite newspaper.

Enjoy your week, stay safe, plan ahead and love everyone.

* * *

Have a good week!

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