The end of July approaches in the land of tall corn and our course forward holds plenty of uncertainty. Time is weighing on everyone with normal life just out of grasp. There is hope as companies race to find the vaccine that will cure our pandemic. Until then its up to us to be careful and wise in our endeavors. Cover and distance.

My garden has produce, its first tomatoes, a bit scrawny, but tasty. Everything else is still alive but needs more time. The onions are puny and will take two more seasons to amount to something. The weeds are pretty robust and will produce well. Cucumbers are beginning to over produce and I just ate my first green bean of the year. The potatoes are hopeful.

Spending more time at home has been filled by reading and more TV than what’s good for a person. Projects have been worked on with decent results. But the one that’s needed most is the toughest, sorting thru the past. We have a big collection of stuff that is mostly worthless with a few nuggets that are treasures. We have had our garbage can full on a regular basis. Goodwill is benefiting somewhat but still it’s hard to part with some of the worthless stuff. We are working on it.

Stay safe, be happy and think positive.

* * *

Him: “My mother told me that every time you have an impure thought, an angel smacks you on top of the head.”

Her: “That would explain why so many men go bald!”

* * *

“If something is wrong, fix it now. But train yourself not to worry, worry fixes nothing.”                                   Ernest Hemingway

* * *

Have a good week.

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