Jottings by Jerry 09-23-20

The closer the election the worse it will get. We won’t be spared the final days and last minute accusations. Both parties are guilty of it. The days when politics meant meeting in common ground and agreeing on a compromise that was good for the public are gone. The dog fight today will last some time if it ends at all. But it is fall and the fresh season may give us fresh air that we all need.

I like this particular week because Saturday will be the start of the waterfowl season which is a sacred holiday. It’s a great time to settle your soul and spend some time by the marsh to sort the problems of the day. Bringing a shotgun is optional. The start of a migration, whether it’s blackbirds or waterfowl, gives you a feeling of universe. That and it’s a great place to have coffee and a donut.

Walking on the new hip is getting easier as the days go by gaining more control and strength. Some of the things that make everyday life normal are still somewhat difficult. Of course, there are those things I could do if I didn’t have help, but who’s talking.

* * *

There are three kinds of men in this world…

Some remain single and make wonders happen.

Some have girlfriends and see wonders happen.

The rest get married and wonder what happened???

* * *

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals”

— Henry David Thoreau

* * *

Have a good week!

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