Jottings By Jerry

The weather seems very unimportant these days and doesn’t count for much. Our current problems revolve around a virus. It has succeeded in changing our lives.

Everyone is kept at a distance and care is needed for the things you touch.

Clean all the surfaces and keep your hands off your face.

It’s something that has caused a high degree of concern for countries down to local governments and individual businesses.

Next in line are the employees who work for small businesses, many of those businesses are on thin ice. Income streams are less or drying up completely, employees are let go and the community suffers. There is the promise of SBA loans for businesses and government help for families and individuals. There are also more folks than normal that would like to get ahead by running a scam on anyone they can. Beware but be willing to help your friends and neighbors.

Our Business Plan is to continue publishing papers with the least exposure to our employees. Most will be working from their homes and our businesses doors will be closed, but the phones will be answered by forwarding the calls.

The weekly issues may be a little smaller due to the lack of public events and the ability to move freely about. Your help will be crucial and together we can weather the new challenges.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

Talk to you next week.

* * *

Have a good week!

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