Adrian News – September 28


A large crowd attended the annual soup and pie supper at the lovely Emmanuel Presbyterian Church six miles south of Rushmore.  The food was all-homemade and plentiful.  The service was excellent and seconds were encouraged.  Lots of men dishing up big bowls of hot soup.  It was a great evening and lots of good “chatter”!

It’s Monday morning, and I am “almost’ betting the long anticipated debate is likely to have a “surprise” before it is over.

Joyce Broesder was the provider for the “Two Buck” meal September 20th at Adrian’s Senior Center.  Twenty-seven folks enjoyed a pork dinner with lots of chatter and hot coffee.

Tony and Darla Parsley will collect clean warm clothing the month of October.  They live on Maine Street across from the Catholic Church.  Be sure your articles are clean and in good condition.

St. Adrian’s folks enjoyed grilled hamburgers and pork burgers after the 10:30 Mass last Sunday.  I again saw good parenting by observation.  I saw Rita Boltjes  and Dave Thier and their “kids” cleaning the tables, great job!  Thanks St. Joseph Counsel.

Gleaned from Sunday’s 9-25-16 Argus Leader was the obituary of 96-year-old Holocaust survivor Max Hannheimer, who died in Munich, German.  Max spent years in different death camps such as Auschwitz.  Most of his family was murdered.  Max spent his life telling about the horrors that he experienced.  He was also in Dauchav prison camp,  My late husband Tom Cox and I were in Daushov in 1990 just before we went to the Passion Play in Oberammergau.  The place was silent, filled with reminder of the Holocaust horrors.  A few tourists were there that day and we were guided by a gentleman who spoke English.  He told us that when General Dwight Eisenhower liberated the camp,  one of his first orders was that every man, woman and child in the town of Dauchav had to come a few miles and view the camp near their village.  Many had denied the camp because of great fears.  It was a time of great sorrow and a unforgettable experience for both Tom and myself.

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