Jottings by Jerry 10-28-20

It could be a long winter. About four inches of snow Sunday and big drop in temperature makes it a bleak forecast for winter. The good part is we do get a break for the end of this week.

The joy of packing a china cabinet contents is something well avoided. Wrapping each saucer, plate and cup sounded doable until you get to the glasses, all kinds of them, big and little all with the frail stems. I had always liked them when they were in the cabinet but not to use them. Wrapping each piece, carefully and putting it in one those big plastic tubs. Actually it was four big tubs and all of them too heavy for me to lift. We got the job done and I will be gone when she unpacks them.

The long awaited election is this coming Tuesday, November 3. The outcome of the election will hopefully be decided this year yet. Most have had their minds made up for some time and it should be simple. But, if there ever was a year for things to go wrong it is this year. Strap in, it’s going to be a rough ride.

Halloween will be different just as the whole year has been unusual, different and deadly.  But Halloween this year can be handled right with care. Pre-packed treats will work, plastic gloves and care will keep you and the little goblins safe.  Each community will have a plan and most will be well played. My costume will be the usual  grumpy old man look that has been well practiced.  See you on the street.

* * *

“If you want light to come into your life, you need to stand where it is shining.”

* * *

Happy Halloween and have a good week!

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