Jottings by Jerry 09-3-20

October is at our door. We enter the fourth quarter of the year and the fall decorations are out. Leaves are skittering down the streets on blustery winds. There are some nice days ahead but they are numbered. The beans are almost out and there is a good start on the corn. We are very dry with a few scattered showers. We finished digging our potato crop and achieved a brimming 10 pound bag full which may take us into the new year.

The waterfowl opener was successful with a beautiful day and a good showing of ducks. There was plenty birds to make most happy that they chose well in spending the morning on the marsh. Sunday was windy and cooler with plenty of birds. The coffee was good and no birds were harmed in making these observations.

We have the big awaited presidential debate this week which will hold us all in total wonder of who will mess us up the least. By the time you have this to read you will have already watched it or successfully found something more gratifying to do. Very few minds will be changed because of it. Look to the local elections to help from the state on down. They need your support.

If you are thinking about Christmas it’s about eighty-five days from now.  Not to cause anxiety for you but you do have to wonder what it will be like this year with over one million losses world-wide due to the pandemic. The families of those and the losses to be suffered will never be the same. Our hope hangs on a vaccine.

* * *

“Never regret a day in your life. Good days give you happiness and bad days give you experience.

* * *

Have a good week!

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